Rites of Passage

In today’s culture, we often miss the kinds of ritual celebrations that mark the passages of human lives. I will work with you to design a special rite for those occasions.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Those fortunate ones who attain special anniversaries and birthdays deserve to be honored with distinction. A special ritual can add a unique touch to your birthday or anniversary party. For those who prefer a quiet celebration, a ritual celebration in lieu of a party can be a dignified way to honor these life events.

Cronings/Sophia Ceremonies

As women near the end of their childbearing years or their careers (or both), they pass into their years of wisdom. In some Neo-Pagan traditions, women of a certain age consider themselves as having passed through stages of Maiden and Mother, and are now entering their Cronehood. A Croning Ceremony both acknowleges and celebrates this coming of age. A Sophia Ceremony is similiar; however, the celebration is designed around the Judeo-Christian concept of Sophia, the Feminine Divine, or Wisdom. Whichever "name" you choose for your coming of age, it need not be approached from a spiritual perspective at all. That is your choice. I will work with you to create the coming of age ceremony that fits you best.

Elder/Wisdom Ceremonies

Men who achieve their time of retirement often wish to celebrate in a special way. An Elder or Wisdom Ceremony is a fantastic way to mark the occasion. This is similar to the Croning/Sophia Ceremony for women, and can be held as part of a retirement party, a 60+ birthday party, or as a stand alone ceremony. Again, it may or not be spiritual. That's all up to you. We will work together to plan the event to meet your personal needs.

Memorial Services

When we lose loved ones to death, we want to honor their lives. I can work with you to bring together all the best memories to share with those who come to share your sorrow and celebrate the life of your loved one. With the unique perspective of an Interspiritual Priest, I am prepared to bring the traditions and practices that best speak to you and your family in this time of loss.

Weddings and Other Ceremonies by Special Request

Mother Suzy may be available to work with  you to help you celebrate your special times. If you would like to discuss your special occasion ...